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Selling Your Piano?

Where can I sell my piano?

The cheapest way to sell your piano, and where you can get the highest price also is by selling your piano privately. Places like eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist are good online listing locations, Gumtree being the most popular for pianos.

However do take into consideration that you will have to have people come into your house and view the piano, and you may need several people to look at your piano and negotiate over price until you sell your piano at a price you are happy with. This can sometimes take weeks or even months if you are unsure what your piano is worth. If you have the patience, do your research, are a good negotiator, and are not in a hurry to sell your piano then your hard work will earn you the highest reward using this method.

Depending on what condition and what model your piano is, you can also sell it to a piano shop. Just remember that piano shops are businesses, and will need to be able to, with a little work to improve it, sell your piano for a profit, as that is what businesses do.

So selling your piano to a piano store will not get as high a price, but in return you get the convenience of an instant sale, and you can trust a piano store to come to your house and professionally remove the piano too.

If you are looking to upgrade your piano, an attractive option is to trade-in your old piano at a piano store, as you can then get a good deal on your new piano, it is hassle free, and everything is taken care of in one transaction.

How much can I expect to sell my piano for?

The best way to see how much your piano is worth is to look at ads for similar pianos to yours and gauging if yours is slightly better or worse condition to give you a rough idea. Also take into consideration how quickly you would like to sell your piano. If you are in a hurry, you should accept a lower price, and if you are after top dollar be prepared to wait for the right buyer.

How can I improve the price of my piano?

You can improve the value of your piano by giving it the service it needs before selling it, so you have taken care of everything and the buyer does not need to arrange it. This can often improve the value of the piano significantly more than the cost of the tune, clean and polish, as the interested buyer is now paying for the convenience and assurance that the piano they are buying is ready to go and doesn't have any hidden problems with tuning or damages under the dirty finish. I offer a combined Tune PLUS Clean & Polish deal which is perfect to get done before selling your piano to attract the best buyers.