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Piano Moving´╗┐:

Pianos are incredibly heavy instruments, ranging from around 200kgs to 550kgs plus!

This is due to their large cast iron frame which is needed to hold the immense string tension over the soundboard. Not only are they heavy, but their shiny finish and sharp corners are incredibly easy to damage, not to mention your floors, doorways and back!

I never recommend you try to move your piano yourself, and don't even recommend getting your general furniture removalist to do it with the rest of the furniture- your piano is a musical instrument, not just a piece of furniture!

There are a few specialist Perth Piano Movers, but Jon from Perth Piano Removals only moves pianos and is who I use frequently and recommend to all my customers. He has been moving only pianos for over 10 years in Perth, and is not just Perth's best piano mover but a player and tuner too, so he understands the care and precision needed to move and position your piano professionally.

Give him a call and mention I recommended him to you, he loves to help my customers and we often work with the same pianos around Perth.

Perth's Best Piano Movers

Perth's Best Piano Movers