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Piano Care Tips:

I advise new piano owners to take the best care of your piano so that it can last your entire lifetime, and your children's too! If you take a few simple steps, your piano will continue to give you enjoyment for many years, and hold it's value too - bonus!

  • Don't put food or drinks on top of your piano! You only have to look at old bar pianos to see the damage a spill or condensation on the glass will do to your piano's beautiful woodwork
  • Clean your hands before playing - while you won't notice this straight away, over years of playing your piano your fingers' sweat and grime will slowly seep down the side of the piano keys, so it is always best to approach a piano with freshly cleaned hands. You can notice this on old pianos by pressing down a key and looking at the side of the key. Eventually this may cause problems like sticky notes.
  • Keep your cat off your piano! Their claws will make a mess of the polished wood. It may sound obvious but I have seen serious damage done by seemingly innocent kittens!
  • If you have problems with rodents or insects hang a moth-ball, mouse or other bait in the bottom of your piano. You can access this area by looking under the keyboard and pulling the bottom panel forward.