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How Should I Clean My Piano?


Best is a barely damp cloth and just wipe down the keys to wipe off finger sweat and other marks.


All brass on your piano will tarnish over a few years and eventually will look quite horrible. You can buy Brasso from Woollies or Coles for $9 a bottle and with a cloth and a lot of 'elbow grease' (hard work!) you can bring all your brass back up to shiny and new!

This is definitely the best way to bring life back into your piano.

Black (Ebony) Finish:

Black shiny pianos are the most popular, and look fantastic when kept clean, but they certainly are quick to show up your children's fingerprints!

You can simply use a soft cloth to wipe off fingerprints every now and then. Once a year I recommend Nu Finish from Kmart which is in fact a car polish which you can apply to your piano to give it that 'showroom glow'.

Wood Finish:

For pianos with a wood finish you can use wood polishes, but just be careful it is the appropriate polish for the type of wood finish. The main distinctions are gloss, satin, and matte finishes, and then match the colour wood.


Especially in grand pianos, the insides will get very dusty. You can avoid this by closing the piano lid when you are away or for periods of non use, but the piano looks most impressive with the lid up- so of course you don't want to close it always!

You can dust inside the piano with a vacuum cleaner, and just carefully poke it anywhere you can reach. You can also use a semi-damp cloth anywhere you can reach, but it gets quite tricky to get in and around the strings.

Not confident or would rather spend your leisure time NOT polishing brass?! 

I provide all of the above clean and polish services (and more) in a popular clean and polish package by itself, or my most popular option: a discounted Yearly Tune PLUS Clean & Polish.

This really is the best way you can keep your piano looking and sounding like new!

Simply mention it in the contact form or give me a call 🙂