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Hi I'm Stephanie Kelly, "Piano Tuner Perth".

My passion is returning and maintaining Perth's best pianos to their top condition, so that you can share in the full enjoyment that owning and playing a quality piano should bring!

Often I see really nice pianos around Perth that unfortunately have not been regularly maintained and it makes me a little bit sad!

Pianos are such a beautiful musical instrument, and you should be able to proudly show and play it, but I understand that life gets in the way sometimes and it's easy to forget or not get around to giving your piano the care that you really wanted to.

To help, I committed a to using my training, experience and tools of the craft, to take a handful of Perth's best pianos under my wing and make it as easy as possible for their owners to keep them in top shape, and now you can join those fellow proud piano owners too.

Not sure when to tune your piano?

Don't enjoy polishing brass and fingerprints off your shiny black Yamaha?

Or maybe you just want your large investment in your piano to not decline, even if you're not using it as much as you used to?

Hire me to look after your piano, and I offer a complete done for you solution so you don't have to worry or give your piano's health another thought, and simply enjoy the pleasure playing or having a piano in the house brings you.

I keep detailed records of your piano's maintenance history, and call you up each year to book it's tuning, cleaning, and polishing at your convenience.

I personally get to know each of my clients by name, their pianos, and even some of their pets! I value being honest, on time, and being available during flexible hours.

I look forward to meeting you and adding your happy Google Review to this page:)